wheel repack


wheel repack <wheel_directory>


Repack a previously unpacked wheel file.

This command can be used to repack a wheel file after its contents have been modified. This is the equivalent of zip -r <wheel_file> <wheel_directory> except that it regenerates the RECORD file which contains hashes of all included files.


-d, --dest-dir <dir>

Directory to put the new wheel file into.


  • Unpack a wheel, add a dummy module and then repack it:

    $ wheel unpack someproject-1.5.0-py2-py3-none.whl
    Unpacking to: ./someproject-1.5.0
    $ touch someproject-1.5.0/somepackage/module.py
    $ wheel repack someproject-1.5.0
    Repacking wheel as ./someproject-1.5.0-py2-py3-none.whl...OK